Why Linux Needs Malware Protection

As Linux attacks increase across servers, PCs and Android smartphones, security by obscurity’s not enough. Here’s how enterprises and developers should be rethinking their assumptions about Linux platform and device security.

Why Wireless Needs a Network of Networks

With network virtualization, wireless devices could connect to dozens of networks. It’s a paradigm shift in wireless architecture — and one that can’t come soon enough.

Security Issues for Multicore Processors

Multicore processers are increasingly common in everything from PCs to smartphones — and increasingly attractive to hackers. Cambridge University researcher Robert Watson explains the threats and how enterprises can mitigate them.

Bare-metal Client Hypervisors

So-called “bare metal” client hypervisors have been discussed for years, but only recently have emerged as a tangible option for enterprise IT managers.

Strike Back at SQL Injections

Structured Query Language is one of the most popular ways hackers attack enterprises. Programmer and trainer Paul Litwin tells you how to identify weaknesses before hackers do.