Mobile Software


  • The New Mobile Landscape

    Mobile devices and computing have come a long way. But where will they go next?

  • Will a Mobile OS Update Break Your Apps?

    When mobile operating system vendors update their platforms, third-party apps sometimes stop working. Here's why -- and how to prevent your app from being the next one that breaks.

  • LTE: Not So Fast

    Dozens of operators like AT&T are building networks based on Long-term Evolution (LTE), promising multimegabit download speeds. Here's what you need to know to get the most out of LTE.

  • Is Ubicomp at a Tipping Point?

    Ubiquitous computing is moving out of the lab and into the mainstream. Bo Begole, head of PARC's Ubiquitous Computing Area, explains what it means for enterprises and consumers.

  • Smartphones and Tablets Go Multicore: Now What?

    Like laptops and PCs, mobile devices increasingly feature multicore processors. The extra horsepower is good news for developers, but it comes with a few strings attached.

  • 5 Steps to a Successful Enterprise Wireless Strategy

    For enterprises, smartphones can be both a problem and an opportunity. Here, analyst Iain Gillott lays out five tips to help CIOs, IT managers and developers craft a can't-miss wireless strategy.

  • Agile Software Development Trends

    David Thomas of Rally Software, a leader in Agile application lifecycle management, talks about the latest software trends.

  • 11 Tips for Mobile Software Development

    Mobile software development varies from platform to platform, but there are key considerations that apply to all of them.