Multicore Platforms


  • Security Issues for Multicore Processors

    Multicore processers are increasingly common in everything from PCs to smartphones -- and increasingly attractive to hackers. Cambridge University researcher Robert Watson explains the threats and how enterprises can mitigate them.

  • Who’s in Charge of Multicore?

    Markus Levy, president of The Multicore Association, illuminates initiatives developers should keep an eye on, including an API designed to make parallel programming easier.

  • Maxing out Multicore

    Multicore's concept is simple: Increase the number of cores to increase performance. But as University of Wisconsin Professor Mark Hill explains, Amdahl's Law is essential to understanding why coding is key to maximizing multicore performance.

  • Smartphones and Tablets Go Multicore: Now What?

    Like laptops and PCs, mobile devices increasingly feature multicore processors. The extra horsepower is good news for developers, but it comes with a few strings attached.

  • Which Comes First: Parallel Languages or Patterns?

    Author and programmer Clay Breshears explores parallel programming patterns, how they are evolving and how they'll impact future parallel coders.

  • Taming the Parallel Beast

    Writing parallel programs -- or parallelizing existing serial code -- requires programmers to overcome several stumbling blocks. Here's how.